David Livingstone Trust


Meet the Team: Natalie Milor

3 August 2019
Natalie Milor is the Curator of the David Livingstone Trust. Her role is centred around working on the redesign of the new museum with our designers Event Communications.

The Pilkington Jackson Tableux

2 August 2019
Charles d’Orville Pilkington Jackson, a prominent 20th Century British sculptor, was known for his work on some of Scotland’s most iconic landmarks, including The Scottish National War Memorial in Edinburgh Castle and statue of Robert the Bruce at Bannockburn.

Lottie Roberts and Lucy Brayson Look Back at Their Time with the David Livingstone Trust

1 August 2019
Lottie Roberts (Learning and Outreach Trainee) and Lucy Brayson (Curatorial and Community Engagement Trainee) - Skills for Success Learners, Museums Galleries Scotland supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Meet the Team: Austin Ndala

1 August 2019
Austin Ndala is a Next Step Initiative trainee with the David Livingstone Birthplace Project. As a trainee he gets to work in all aspects of museum and heritage practice, from community engagement to conservation.

Meet the Team: Lesley Scott

1 August 2019
Lesley Scott is an Accredited Social History Conservator and came to work on the Birthplace project at the end of 2018. Her main focus is the care and preservation of the Museums’ collection, it’s decant and return to the site and everything in-between.

Meet the Team: Lara Lasisi

1 August 2019
Lara Lasisi is a trainee with the Next Step Initiative Ethnic Minority Career, Museum & Built Environment Heritage Programme 2019, working with the David Livingstone Trust since April 2019.

Meet the Team: Markus Stitz

29 July 2019
Find out more about the team behind the Birthplace Project - Markus Stitz, Social Media Manager.

The Navigation Handling Box

29 July 2019
Buried treasure, a lost city, or to find your nearest petrol station. We all use maps for different things, but the one thing we have in common is that we use them to navigate or find our way. David Livingstone did the very same thing when he created and used maps to help navigate across Africa in the 1850s during his Trans-African expedition.

The Smoke That Thunders

4 December 2018
16 November 1855 was the 163rd anniversary of David Livingstone reaching the Falls on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe.