Life and Legacy


The story of David Livingstone's transformation from humble beginnings to a life of exploration and discovery leads us to personally explore, discover, question and consider a wide range of themes which link history to the present day.

Humble Beginnings

The small single-end where Livingstone was born and raised is recreated at the Museum and this room reveals Livingstone’s impoverished start in life and provides a personal insight to his family relationships. The Livingstone family home creates a powerful, authentic experience and lets you explore Livingstone’s Scottish roots and where the life of this extraordinary man began.


David Livingstone started his time in Africa working as a medical missionary and this begins the story of when the dreams of the young boy turned into reality as he experienced 19th century Africa. Livingstone went on journeys into the great unknown, using navigational equipment, to discover the diversity of African landscapes, wildlife, tribes and traditions. His adventures will sow the seeds of Livingstone’s idea of a new mission to establish commerce, Christianity and civilization.

Livingstone had a number of important people in his life such as fellow missionary Robert Moffat, Livingstone’s wife Mary, African school teacher Mebalwe and Livingstone’s only convert Chief Sechele.


Livingstone chose his path in life, studying medicine at the Andersonian University, Glasgow, and then going to London to train as a missionary with the London Missionary Society.