David Livingstone Trust

Birthplace Project Learning Volunteer


**Closing Date - 6th September 2019**

The David Livingstone Birthplace exists to create a home for sharing the bold, frank and open accounts of the pioneering life of Dr David Livingstone and his associates, encouraging all voices to be heard, celebrating determination and diversity, and inspiring a world of change.

We are progressive thinkers, caretakers of a home where inspiration grew, where conversations sparked ideas, where exploring the whole world was possible, and where open mindedness sparked progress, and adventure beckoned. We will continue to provide a platform for communities to converse, to dream, to hope and to progress. We will inspire change.


Based in Rutherglen, with activities carried out in various locations in South Lanarkshire.

Key Tasks

  1. Taking handling boxes into schools to discuss themes relating to the curriculum including navigation, history, science and geography. with school children and their teachers
  2. Assisting with outreach activities including craft sessions and community events
  3. Promoting the story of David Livingstone and the work of the David Livingstone Birthplace Museum
  4. Making contact with schools to book sessions
  5. Updating spreadsheet with dates of school visits/evaluation information
  6. Assisting with the maintenance and upkeep of the handling box and learning materials


  1. The ability to engage with a diverse range of people particularly children of school age and family groups
  2. An interest in how museum collections can be used to assist with learning and engagement with historical and contemporary issues and themes
  3. An enthusiasm for the David Livingstone story and/or local history, or a willingness to find out more and a desire to share this with others
  4. Protection of Vulnerable Groups application (to be carried out with Learning Manager)
  5. Fun!

Time and Level of Commitment

Ideally a volunteer would commit 2-4 hours per week. However this is flexible and will be dependent on volunteer’s availability and on bookings/events. It is hoped that the volunteer will help run 1 to 2 sessions (school and/or community event) a month.

Who would this role appeal to:

Someone who wants to work with people to bring history to life.

Key Team Members Support

Elena Trimarchi, Learning Manager, David Livingstone Birthplace Project


All training and support will be provided including:

  • Working with diverse audiences
  • Facilitating sessions using objects
  • Use of Spreadsheets
  • Making contacts with schools

Resources needed

Handling box, laptop (if needed for making contact/inputting data), craft materials. Travel expenses reimbursed (until June 2020).


To apply and for further information please contact: volunteer@dltrust.uk

Also see Volunteer section.