Gardening Volunteers


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Key Tasks

  1. Looking after the gardens:
    Tasks depend on the season but will include:
    grass cutting,
    hedge trimming,
    leaf clearance
  2. Ensuring that the work is carried out with public’s safety and enjoyment in mind.

Resources needed:

Will be supplied.

  1. Garden tools
  2. PPE


  1. Interest in working outdoors
  2. Enthusiasm and appreciation of plants and trees in a park setting
  3. Ability to work within a team and willingness to learn new skills
  4. Knowledge of plants is not essential but very useful!

Time and Level of Commitment

Core team

Minimum 3-5 hours per fortnight (on a Thursday) during the winter, possibly more frequent during spring and summer.

Occasional Volunteers:

We are also looking for occasional volunteers who can spare some time every now and then to volunteer to undertake specific projects (usually at weekends).

Key Team Members Support

Head Gardening Volunteer


  1. Induction and relevant training (e.g. tools) will be provided;
  2. On-going support will be available.

Who would this role appeal to:

This role would appeal to anyone:

  1. That enjoys working outdoors
  2. Loves gardening
  3. Is knowledgeable about plants or is willing to learn


To apply and for further information please contact:

Also see Volunteer section.