“I determined never to stop until I had come to the end and achieved my purpose.”
David Livingstone

Our exhibition here at the David Livingstone Centre has numerous interactive, physical and experiential displays which ensure that our audience will be welcomed and feel connected to David Livingstone and his remarkable story.

These include:

  • Interactive displays with challenges based on adventure and survival activities
  • Showcasing of important collections presenting the varied culture and diversity of African life in the 18th century, through the eyes of a Westerner
  • Displays connecting to African communities today, establishing strong networks and encouraging collaboration
  • A multi-faceted and rich telling of the story of David Livingstone, presenting his character, success and failures, positive and negative opinions about him
  • Colourful, dynamic and engaging installations and graphic displays, offering new perspectives on previously told stories

We aim to engage with our audience and keep alive the name and memory of David Livingstone for generations to come.

The Beginning

Dr David Livingstone: The Mill Worker, Explorer, Doctor, Missionary, Celebrity, Abolitionist...

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Exploring and Returning

Livingstone’s expeditions began in earnest in 1852 when he embarked on a journey from Cape Town.

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After his death, in some ways, David Livingstone became even more famous than before.

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From Boyhood to Africa

David Livingstone began his life in Shuttle Row in poor and difficult living circumstances.

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