David Livingstone Trust

Cataloguing and Collections Volunteer


**Closing Date - 6th September 2019**

Key Tasks

  • Cataloguing the archival and wider collection of the David Livingstone Trust
  • Using cataloguing software
  • Transferring data from Excel spreadsheets and historic documentation into the database
  • Conducting research on objects in the collection
  • Data inputting
  • Capturing images of objects in the collection
  • Safe handling of objects
  • Re-housing museum objects
  • Packing objects for long-term storage
  • Marking and Labelling museum objects


  1. IT literate
  2. Comfortable with learning new software
  3. Attention to detail
  4. Patience
  5. Flexibility
  6. An interest in museums
  7. A good detective that can piece information together from a range of sources

Time and Level of Commitment

Minimum 1 - 2 days a week dependent on availability of volunteer and project requirements (this is flexible however, so if you can volunteer less or more please get in touch). Not Fridays.

Key Team Members Support

Collections Manager


  • 30 min DLBM review
  • 1 hour documentation procedures and policies
  • 1 hour object handling and marking
  • 2 hours Catalogue Management Software

Equipment Needed

Laptop, modes license


Burgh Business Park, Kings St., Rutherglen

Who might this role appeal to?

This role will appeal to people interested in local history relating to Blantyre or David Livingstone and his connection to Blantyre or wanting to find out more, current volunteers, students studying heritage subjects, and those wishing to gain practical museum experience.


To apply and for further information please contact volunteer@dltrust.uk

Also see Volunteer section.