David Livingstone Trust

Acquisition Committee Member


**Closing Date - 6th September 2019**

The David Livingstone Birthplace exists to create a home for sharing the bold, frank and open accounts of the pioneering life of Dr David Livingstone and his associates, encouraging all voices to be heard, celebrating determination and diversity, and inspiring a world of change.

We are progressive thinkers, caretakers of a home where inspiration grew, where conversations sparked ideas, where exploring the whole world was possible, and where open mindedness sparked progress, and adventure beckoned. We will continue to provide a platform for communities to converse, to dream, to hope and to progress. We will inspire change.

Key Tasks

Information about the role: To make decisions on the acquisition of objects

  1. To meet on a quarterly basis and make decisions about objects that have been offered to the museum
  2. To uphold the DLC collecting policy


  1. Aware of the issues around acquisition
  2. Lateral thinker
  3. Decision maker
  4. Can form and articulate opinions around acquisitions.

Time and Level of Commitment

2 hours every quarter for a year at DLT premises plus preparation time at home

Key Team Members Support

Supervisor Natalie Milor, Curator


Full support will be provided including;

  • Familiarisation of the collecting policy
  • Familiarisation of acquisitions procedures.

Equipment Needed

Access to a laptop/computer

Equipment Needed

Anyone interested in behind the scenes work in museums and finding out how collecting decisions are made.

Someone who likes the challenge of problem solving and forming and articulating arguments for and against collecting objects.


To apply and for further information please contact volunteer@dltrust.uk

Also see Volunteer section.